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Two drugs, rapamycin (an immunosuppressant) and metformin (a diabetes medication) disrupt signaling of G6P and improved cardiac power in small animal studies.
5] We have developed a method for diluting the EMIT reagents with buffer, restoring NAD and G6P levels, elevating the temperature to 37 C, and extending the reading period over several minutes.
Hazirlanmis olan hemolizata NAD ve G6P ilavesi ile olusan NADPH soresansinin olcumu esasina dayanir.
Genetic characterization of a novel, naturally occurring recombinant human G6P [6] rotavirus.
4) with NADPH-regener-ating system (10 mM NADP, 5mM G6P, 2 units/ml G6PDH, and 5 mM magnesium chloride).
4) with NADPH-regenerating system (l0 mM NADP, 5mM G6P, 2 units/ml G6PDH, and 5mM magnesium chloride).