G6PDHGlucose 6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase (also seen as G6P-DH)
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There is paucity of data which evaluated the levels of LDH, G6PDH, ACP, ALP, ALT and AST in hematological malignancies.
Table 3 depicts the activities of hepatic a-AMY and G6PDH in the diabetic rats treated with the aqueous extract of C.
It is also known that NADPH acts as a negative allosteric modulator of the G6PDH enzyme [50], decreasing its activity, as observed in monotherapy with metformin and dual therapy with insulin and metformin.
Correlation of G6PDH activity with germinal vesicle stage chromatin configurations
Shrimp fed 15% CBH had the greatest G6PDH activity, which was significantly different from those fed 5%, 10%, 20%, and 30% CBH.
In the present study, the 10 candidate reference genes ([alpha]-Tubulin, [beta]-actin, 18s rRNA, 28s rRNA, GAPDH, G6PDH, [beta]-TUB, RPL32, EF1-[alpha] and ELF1-[beta]) were evaluated in different development stages, and under various temperature and [gamma]-irradiation-stress conditions by semi-quantitative PCR.
A maior atividade da enzima G6PDH observada na temperatura de 35[degrees]C aos 14 DAS nao significou eficiencia da atividade respiratoria, visto que os testes de vigor avaliados atraves do comprimento e massa seca de parte aerea e raiz (Figura 2), assim como, a primeira contagem de germinacao e indice de velocidade de germinacao (Figuras 1b, c) mostraram que esta temperatura em relacao as menores, afetou negativamente a qualidade das sementes e plantulas em relacao as menores temperaturas, evidenciando o inicio de um possivel declinio das funcoes metabolicas, afetando o vigor das plantulas.
Cyclic strain modulates resistance to oxidant stress by increasing G6PDH expression in smooth muscle cells.
By means of cellulose acetate gel electrophoresis, wherein 8 allozyme loci (FUM, G6PDH, GOT, IDH, LDH, MPI, PGI, and PGM) were studied, we investigate whether the genetic variation among species is larger compared to the variation among populations within species and indicative of reproductive isolation among the species.
G6PDH and [gamma]- glutamylcysteine were down regulated Zhu M et al 1999 [up arrow] Elimination of drug 1/2 life (P<0.
La resolucion de los zimogramas vario con cada enzima y los mejores patrones de bandas se obtuvieron con PRX, G6PDH, PGI y PGM.