G6SGlucosamine-6-Sulphatase (lysosomal enzyme)
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Importantly, we could determine, with contributions from both protein analysis and DNA sequencing, that an individual was heterozygous wild type and cis (G6S and V30A) variant.
Nominal Protein Confirmed DNA mass shift Sample mutation mutation (a) (Da) A G6S GGT [right arrow] AGT 30 B T60A ACT [right arrow] GCT 30 C G6S GGT [right arrow] AGT 30 D E54G GAG [right arrow] GGG 72 E S77Y TCT [right arrow] TAT 76 F G47E GGG [right arrow] GAG 72 G S77Y TCT [right arrow] TAT 76 Monoisotopic neutral mass,bDa Sample Observed Theoretical A [13 782.91.sub.4] [13 782.89.sub.9] B [13 722.86.sub.7] [13 722.87.sub.8] C [13 782.92.sub.7] [13 782.89.sub.9] D [13 680.84.sub.6] [13 680.86.sub.7] E [13 828.91.sub.4] [13 828.92.sub.0] F [13 824.88.sub.9] [13 824.90.sub.9] G [13 828.91.sub.4] [13 828.92.sub.0] Sample Error, Da MMA, (c) ppm A 0.02 1.1 B -0.01 -0.8 C 0.03 2.0 D -0.02 -1.5 E -0.01 -0.4 F -0.02 -1.4 G -0.01 -0.4 (a) Underlined bases indicate the affected nucleotides.
This realignment will provide commanders, G6s, S6s and other IT senior leaders with a powerful team of well-trained, seasoned Signal warrant officers who are essential to successful network-enabled warfighting operations.
At the request of the corps and division G6s, Task Force Thunderbird added Very Small Aperture Terminal training to the curriculum and will also start training antenna installation and safety.
Additionally, G6s must look at how to assist and guide S6s in training their signal Soldiers within the brigades.
Commanders own their networks, but S6s and G6s have to have tools to advise their bosses on network evolution.
The conference opened the eyes of organizations and representatives from throughout the Army including Training and Doctrine Command, Network Enterprise Technology Command, 9th Army Signal Command, Division G6s, Theater and Corps Signal Brigade commanders and the Department of the Army.
The accomplishments have been achieved through a great collaborative effort by members of the Signal team around the world, NETCOM, CIO/G-6, MACOM G6s, and the active and Reserve Component Signal commands, brigades and battalions.
First, I need to update some terms--as of this writing, the maneuver UAs will be known as Brigade Combat Teams and the Support UAs will be called Support Brigades--no change yet on the terms "UEx" or "UEy." With the inactivation of the divisional Signal battalions, the U Ex G6s will have network operations responsibility for units task organized under the UEx at any given time.