GA-ASIGeneral Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc (San Diego, CA)
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In a basic ISR configuration, the MQ-9B will likely have an L3 WESCAM MX series EO/IR sensor, a high performance 360[degrees] multi-mode maritime radar to support Arctic patrol and maritime surveillance missions, and the GA-ASI Lynx Multi-mode Radar.
GA-ASI has selected the capabilities of the Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion integrated avionics system for this unmanned aerial system (UAS) ground control station to support customers and missions that require operations in civil airspace.
For example, an operational RPA squadron was tasked to implement a GA-ASI proprietary multiaircraft control system, but its attempts were unsuccessful.
The new hangar will house three GA-ASI owned RPA -- a MQ-1 Predator[R] A and two MQ-9 Predator Bs/ (Block 1 and Block 5) -- and two GCS (a Block 15 and Block 30 Mobile GCS).
Gray Eagle is the Army version of GA-ASIs Predator aircraft.
GA-ASI has also sold some systems to Italy, with Meteor as the in-country partner company.
GA-ASI is currently building three company-owned aircraft and plans to deliver the first production aircraft next year.
We are committed to substantial European industrial involvement on our aircraft systems, said Linden Blue, CEO, GA-ASI.
According to a reliable source, General Zignanni, IAF, and a team of high-ranking Italian military officials recently paid a visit to San Diego, CA, for meetings with GA-ASI officials, and further discussions between GA-ASI and the IAF are said to have occurred at the Air Force Association's Annual Convention in Washington, DC, in mid-September.
The other principal American family of satcom-capable drones is the GA-ASI Predator and its variants RQ-1A, MQ1B, MQ-1C Sky Warrior, MQ-9 Reaper Predator B and Mariner (although, as the General Atomics photograph in our title indicates, a Gnat was used for initial tests back in 1993).