GA1Glutaric Aciduria Type 1
GA1Asialo-GM1 (Monosialotetrahexosylganglioside; genetics)
GA1Genetic Algorithm 1
GA1Glycan of Asialoganglioside
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The sequenced isolates had the signature 72-bp duplication in the G protein when aligned with representative sequences from all of the A subgroup (GA1 to GA7, NA1, NA2, and ON1) from GenBank.
However, the cluster analysis applied to our data classified the participants GA3, GA4, GA6, GB2, GB3, GB5 and GB7 players at the same group, and participants GA1, GA2, GA5, GA7, GB1, GB4 and GB6 in another group.
The blood was pooled and baseline analyte concentrations were measured before spiking with the relevant analytes near to the analytical cutoff concentrations used in the UK screening protocols: 200 [micro]mol/L phenylalanine and tyrosine (for PKU), 500 [micro]mol/L leucine (for MSUD), 45 [micro]mol/L methionine (for HCU), 0.4 [micro]mol/L octanoylcarnitine (C8) and decanoylcarnitine (C10) (for MCADD), 0.56 [micro]mol/L glutarylcarnitine (C5DC) (for GA1), 1.6 [micro]mol/L isovalerylcarnitine (C5) (for IVA), 8 mU/L thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) (for CHT), and 60 ng/mL immunoreactive trypsinogen (IRT) (for CF) (9).
FT activity was determined by measuring incorporation of GDP-[sup.14]C-fucose in the presence of intestinal GA1 glycolipid and Triton X-100.
P2 W2 D0 L0 GF3 GA1 SCOTLAND Ireland wouldn't fear their derby rivals but there are more favourable opponents in this pot.
Children with GA1 are born and develop normally, until they typically present during infancy with hypotonia and encephalopathy associated with an episode of catabolic stress.
Momento magnetico total y local (en [[micron].sub.B]/celda) para la superred [(VN).sub.1]/[(GaN).sub.3] Total V N1 N2 N3 AFM 0.000 1.424 -0.089 0.005 0.004 FM 2.000 1.428 -0.094 0.006 0.006 N4 Ga1 Ga2 Ga3 Int AFM 0.001 0.012 0.004 0.000 0.000 FM -0.002 0.013 0.004 0.001 0.637
If Cassidy had been screened for GA1 at birth, she could have been placed on a protein restricted diet, fed special supplements, and hospitalized for fluids during illnesses such as the stomach flu.
Para cada um dos tres Escritorios de Projetos definidos para o estudo foram entrevistados tres membros da equipe (operacoes: GE1, GE2, EE3; administracao: GA1, GA2, GA3; servicos: GC1, GC2, EC3), lotados na propria estrutura como empregados, parceiros internos ou parceiros contratados de terceiros, e um empregado do departamento responsavel pelo planejamento estrategico da empresa (gerente de planejamento: GPE), totalizando 10 entrevistas semi-estruturadas.
Detallando los hallazgos del grupo aleatorio 1, se observa graficamente, la manera en que se reorienta la preferencia en la muestra 1 ga1. La Figura 3 muestra los resultados O2 que derivan de la reorientacion de O1.
Hence, the following 12 timber regions were studied in our analysis: AL1, AL2, AR1, FL2, GA1, GA2, LA1, MS1, MS2, NC2, SC2, and TX2.