GA3Gibberellic Acid (plant hormone)
GA3General Assembly 3rd
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Reported that treatment of GA causes stem elongation, expansion and proliferation and cell wall thickening in bast fiber of linseed, GA3 counteracts with salinity by improving membrane permeability and nutrient levels in leaves which ultimately leads to better growth and also GA3 induced physiochemical changes responsible for induction of salt tolerance [40].
Effects of GA3 Treatment on Seed Germination Rate using the Different Storage Methods
The homogenate was used to purify the endogenous hormones (IAA, GA3, ABA, and ZR) using the methods described by Wang et al.
Plants that had been treated with GA3 alone (C+GA3) or in combination with glutamine (C+GA3+gln) were the smallest the latter ones showing half of the height of the C+CNH+gln" treated plants.
2003) confirms that GA3 (gibberellin) induces reserve degradation enzyme synthesis due to the increase of a-amylase activity, once a "de novo" synthesis of this enzyme occurs during germination.
Mutawa Alkazi, the exclusive distributors for GAC in Kuwait and GAC's first international distributor worldwide, has launched the GA3, an economical car featuring a high-performance fuel efficient engine.
EURO QUALIFYING PEDIGREE: P50 W13 D8 L29 GF53 GA73 IRELAND'S ALL-TIME RECORD: P5 W5 D0 L0 GF12 GA3 TOP MAN: Vladimir Dvalishvili (Legia Warsaw) MANAGER: Temur Ketsbaia An unknown quantity ahead of their first qualifying campaign, they have yet to play a competitive match.
Cytokinin regulates the level of active inhibitors present in seeds under physiological dormancy, allowing them to become more sensitive to the action of GA3 (PICOLOTTO et al.
2010) resaltan la importancia de la GA3, en la germinacion y el crecimiento de las orquideas, sin embargo cabe considerar, que a pesar de la dificultad en el analisis de su composicion y la poca informacion en la literatura acerca de los efectos que tienen los componentes organicos, como el agua de coco y el jugo de pina, estos son ricos en energia, vitaminas, aminoacidos y fitohormonas (Kitsaki et al.
Effect of ethrel, GA3 and NAA on dropping and some physical and chemical characteristics of Zahdi date palm fruits.
The following treatments were carried out for the considered seed types: control treatment (0 ppm GA3 treatment); 250 ppm GA3 treatment; 500 ppm GA3 treatment; cold-wet stratification treatment.