GA3Gibberellic Acid (plant hormone)
GA3General Assembly 3rd
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2] (T2) was the best treatment for germination on the various media (MS with different concentration of GA3 and G) used in this experiment.
The GA3, which is derived from the concept car which features in the upcoming Transformers 4 Movie, is the third model to be offered by GAC and its price starts at KD3,699 ($13,100).
GAC also announced their expansion strategy in the Middle East, envisioning Trumpchi GA3 the "World's Car" as Chinese athletes achieve their dream of being the "World's Table Tennis Legends.
Within clusters C(2,2,1) and C(2,2,2), the natural area stepping-stone shortest paths measured by objective function GA3 always outperforms the worst attainable value.
Isto pode ser explicado pela melhor qualidade da forragem nestes períodos (Tabela 3) e pelo maior percentual de espécies introduzidas com valores médios de 5,15; 22,61; 51,51 e 70,40% da massa total de forragem para os tratamentos CNI, G1, G3 e GA3, respectivamente.
Genalytics' product, which is billed as being for "big businesses with massive volumes of data that are trying to find patterns in that data", has so far been adopted by companies such as travel agent American Skiing, which is using GA3 to try to predict when holidaymakers are most likely to book off-season.
P4 W3 D1 L0 GF5 GA1 MOLDOVA Awkward one logistically and no history here having yet to P5 W5 D0 L0 GF12 GA3 CYPRUS Would bring the horror stories of 5-2 defeat back to life but a team we should beat.
Julho (%) Outubro (%) Fevereiro (%) Abril (%) GR1 27,3 (24) 15,8 (9) 22,2 (6) 13,5 (5) GR2 34,1 (30) 57,9 (33) 44,4 (12) 32,4 (12) GR3 38,6 (34) 26,3 (15) 33,3 (9) 54,1 (20) GA1 77,1 71,9 74,1 51,3 GA2 17,2 28,1 25,9 43,6 GA3 5,7 -- -- 5,1 Tabela 3.
Effect of GA3 and Other Plant Growth Regulators on Hybrid Rice Seed Production.
izsledvane urine test strip visual reading 10 indicators; Test Strip - 10 indicator reporting system; For quality control urine-chemical research in two levels; Occult blood; Coagulation; Hematology - Coulter AcT 5 diff; Laboratory supplies, reagents for hematology analyzer Sysmex KX 21; Laboratory supplies, reagents Glyukoanalizator GA3 KABE; Cuvettes coagulation; Bead 1850 Start; Streperi 2.