GA4Anti-Gibberellin A4 (antibody)
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Table 3 validated that the objective function value found by RABC was better than that of each of GA4, HGA, CPSO, CAEP, and original ABC and little higher the HPSO.
All the constraints were satisfied in RABC, ABC, HPSO, CPSO and GA4.
Characterization of the final two genes of the gibberellin biosynthesis gene cluster of Gibberella fujikuroi-des and P450-3 encode GA4 desaturase and the 13-hydroxylase, respectively.
Similar to objective GA4, this objective maximizes the number of urban to urban adjacencies and is implemented based on join counts.
Note that objective GA4, patches of natural features within urban areas, takes only a single value in these results because of the small problem size and the existing land-use and is excluded from further analysis.
GAC Motor is expected to return to NAIAS in 2018 with a blockbuster line-up, including GM8, GA8, GS8, new mass-production sedan GA4 and an all-new concept car.
Aplicacao de GA4,7 + BA (promalina) afetando o crescimento, desenvolvimento e qualidade do caqui (Diospyrus kaki L.