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The main barrier for parents to engage in parent-child communication was to protect children from being emotionally hurt (Clarke et al., 2008; Clemente, 2007; Gaab et al., 2013; Kars et al., 2015; Nuss, 2014; van der Geest et al., 2015; Wangmo et al., 2017; Watanabe et al., 2014).
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(15) He and his followers failed, left the ABC, and formed the General Association of Arkansas Baptists (GAAB) later that same year.
He explicitly stated that the media discourse reported the protest and the violence as if the protestors were like Napoleon advancing with canons to attack the Egyptian army: wa ka'nn al-ma'raka kaanit ghazwa liNabulyun Bunabart gaab il-madaafi' bitaa'tuh biyddrab bihaa il-gaish ...
A strong impetus towards a common indication, technical development, with comparable experience and clinical results came at the beginning of the 90th from 3 centres in Germany: from Mainz around Axel Perneczky (1945-2009) [112-114], from Marburg by Dieter Hellwig and Berhard Bauer [115], and from Greifswald by Michael Robert Gaab, Henry Schroder, and Joachim Oertel [116] and from two Benelux countries by Andre Grotenhuis from Nijmegen [117] and by Jaque Caemaert from Ghent [118].
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