GAAFGlenwood Avenue Arts Festival (Chicago, IL)
GAAFGeorgia Association of Agricultural Fairs (Macon, GA)
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Optimization of Conditions for the production of Glucoamylase: Production of GAAF was analyzed by examining the A.
Shebesh said they do not have any problem with MPs' allocation and that it started the same way as the GAAF, which falls in the Public Service ministry.
Saturday's session was held in cooperation with Gaaf, the Educational Research and Development Assistance Foundation Inc., Arwin Atentar, Lala Salanga and Ivy Pagute of Urban Poor Associates, Ikon Solutions Asia Inc., Wilson Lee Flores of Kamuning Bakery, Margie dela Vega, Chito dela Vega, Robert Jaworski Abano, TJ Burgonio, Edlyn Burgonio and Bayani San Diego.
But preceding this morpho-phonetic merger, some examples, in which the stem vowel-e- appears in pyncan, are attested in Old and Middle English texts, including van der Gaaf's (1904) example from the Old Kentish Sermon of the late thirteenth century.
To establish a water supply network in Gaaf Dhaal Thinadhoo, the government is working in tandem with the Ministry of Housing and MWSC under a contract signed last year.
In May, Baker sent a letter to the gaaf demanding the documents.
The author reviews the terminological debates and numerous historical studies on this construction (Van der Gaaf 1904; Wahlen 1925; Elmer 1981; Fischer and van der Leek 1983; von Seefranz-Montag 1984; Denison 1993; Allen 1995, 1997) and adopts Allen's (1995) model of 'experiencer verb constructions', which is based on the inflection and realization of the two participants involved, namely, experiencers (oblique or nominative NP) and themes (genitive or nominative NPs and sentential), and on the presence or absence of a formal subject hit/it.
Monsieur Bonnet is so gaaf om eers by ons hotel langs te ry om die bagasie en die swart hobokissie op te tel en mik daarna vir die Gare du Nord sodat ons betyds kan wees vir die trein.
In particular, impersonal constructions, involving such verbs as LIKE and PLEASE, have been recognised as the environment conducive to the reanalysis of the second person forms (van der Gaaf 1904; Lutz 1998).
Marais skryf skoon en helder verse, struktureel en tegnies vaardig en gaaf afgerond.
In hierdie roman word die Engelse geprys as intelligent, gaaf, ordelik, goed georganiseerd -"oral waar 'n Engelsman die Union Jack plant, lyk dit asof die geluk homself naderhaas om aan hom gunste te bewys" (Boussenard, 1884:4).
Hy se: "Om gaaf te wees, kry nie 'n boot op die water nie" (p.