GAAOGeorgia Association of Assessing Officials
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In fact, previous to Gaao+, there was the first-and-the-only Indian karaoke app called Gaao available on play store whose server was closed for Indian users in April 2017.
Presently available only on Android, the Gaao app presents a platform for you to record your voice layered over tracks, save to your device and/or upload to the platform.
(L-R) Artist list, Gaao Recommended, Artist-specific song list
Supply of trailer welding units for the benefit of the 25th air engineering regiment (rga) or the air operations support group (gaao) for each trailer welding group: -1 lot of on-board equipment for each trailer -1 set-up batch for the generator set -1 set-up batch for the welding machine or base generator and its mig welding kit -1 set of edge for welding machine and its kit mig welding; -1 batch of welding accessories; -1 batch of welding consumables; -1 spare batch (1st visit of the generator set and the welding machine); -1 technical documentation; -1 license plate .
Supply of tires and spare parts for rolling stock of the 25th Airborne Engineering Regiment (RGA) and for hoisting equipment of the Air Operations Support Group (GAAO).
Contract notice: Providing air-transportable drilling workshops for air group operations support (gaao).
Contract notice: Supply of tires and spare parts for rolling stock of the 25th regiment of engineering flight (rga) and to hoist the supporting air operations group (gaao).
Fourniture de pneumatiques pour matriel roulant du 25me RGA et pour engin de levage du GAAO
Contract notice: Providing air-transportable asphalt compactors the benefit of engineering flight (25th gaao or rga) or other units of the ministry of defence.
Providing air-transportable Asphalt Compactors the benefit of the Airfield Engineering (25th GAAO or RGA) or other units of the Ministry of Defence.
Contract notice: Providing articulated boom with jib in favor of air group in support operations (gaao) or other units of the ministry of defence.