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GAAPGenerally Accepted Accounting Principles
GAAPGenerally Accepted Accounting Procedures (less common)
GAAPGroupement des Agents Automobiles Peugeot (French: Grouping Agents Peugeot Automobiles)
GAAPGendering Adolescent AIDS Prevention
GAAPGreater Access to Affordable Pharmaceuticals
GAAPGeneral Aviation Aerodrome Procedures
GAAPGender and Arts Project
GAAPGreat Alaskan Accounting People
GAAPGeneral Assistance Advocacy Program
GAAPGateway Army Ammunition Plan
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In Q4 2017, the company anticipates both GAAP and non-GAAP revenue in the USD201m and USD207m range and non-GAAP earnings in USD0.
In "For the Investor: The Use of Non-GAAP Metrics," analyst Marc Siegel states that non-GAAP measures can provide additional insights to the financial statements; however, non-GAAP metrics should be correlated with GAAP numbers.
What is the difference in the operating results under GAAP and non-GAAP financial measures?
Non-GAAP financial measures do not include operating or other statistics that are not financial in nature or measures that are based on GAAP information.
GAAP net income for the fiscal first quarter of 2011 was $10.
Investors are encouraged to review the reconciliation of these non-GAAP measures to their most directly comparable GAAP financial measures, which are provided in Table IV included in this press release.
While each manager's judgment may result in different but supportable views on valuation, using common guidelines consistent with GAAP should narrow the range of these numbers.
Contracts that do not transfer significant insurance risk will not be allowed to be measured under their local GAAP standards," said Nagari.
Now, any resulting public disclosures that include non-GAAP measures must be accompanied by or provide the location of the related GAAP measures and reconciliations.
We do wish to note, however, that many taxpayers will continue to face a significant compliance burden unless the GAAP E&P method is also available for purposes of calculating Subpart F income, particularly foreign base company sales and services income.
Wal-Mart's] financial statements were certified by E&Y as conforming to GAAP without qualification.
In the first year, the GAAP expense will exceed the cash paid by $450.