GAATWGlobal Alliance Against Traffic in Women
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For Oustroom (2004) the feminism of GAATW "calls for the 'decriminalization' of prostitution and the combat of 'trafficking' and forced prostitution" (10).
GAATW claims to be feminist but "only opposes forced prostitution" (Murray 1998:53).
GAATW criticises the UN definition of trafficking and instead chooses to echo the voices of many NGOs worldwide, with experience in this issue, among them the International Human Rights Law Group and the Foundation Against Trafficking in Women (STV).
From: Stop-Traffic Discussion Group, Korean Herald, 7 October 2002, reprinted in GAATW Bulletin, January 2003.
For those well-acquainted with the rhetoric of organizations such as the Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women (GAATW), this study echoes those imperatives (indeed, the book's Appendix details a "Draft of standard minimum rules for the treatment of victims of trafficking in persons and forced labour and slavery-like practices" prepared by GAATW and the Foundation for Women).
One group that deserves particular mention is a group from Thailand, GAATW (Global Association Against Trafficking in Women).