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GABGovernment Accountability Board (Wisconsin, USA)
GABGabon (ISO Country code)
GABGimme A Break
GABGeneral Arrangements to Borrow
GABGreat Artesian Basin (Australia)
GABGlobal Address Book
GABGuichet Automatique de Banque (French: Automatic Teller Machine)
GABGreat American Ballpark (Cincinnati, Ohio)
GABGames and Amusement Board (Philippines)
GABGeneral Adjustment Bureau (GAB Robins North America, Inc.)
GABGhana Association of Bankers (est. 1980)
GABGroup Access Bridging
GABGlobal Audio Broadcast
GABGuojia Anquan Bu (Chinese Ministry of State Security)
GABGold Antique Brush (color)
GABGrenada Association of Beekeepers
GABGovernment Approval Board (approves GDSSII software version release contents)
GABGrand Australasian Banner (Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes)
GABSir Geoffrey Arthur Building (Pembroke College, University of Oxford)
GABGreat American Bash (wrestling)
GABGlobal Advisory Board (various organizations)
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Founded in 2004 by PR Visionary Michelle Soudry, The Gab Group is recognized for award-winning brand communications specializing in local and national product, service, celebrity and hospitality accounts.
Founded in 2004 by PR Visionary Michelle Soudry, The Gab Group is recognized for award-winning lifestyle brand communications specializing in local and national restaurant, hospitality, celebrity and product accounts.
GAB Robins employs about 600 people in the UK and its clients include insurers, Lloyd's underwriters and niche UK underwriters as well as overseas insurers operating out of London.
In creating the analogue of propofol, it's as if the researchers put a tiny hook onto the molecule so that when it binds to the GAB receptor, it grabs onto the receptor and won't let go.
The Grub and Gab Club was launched in 1992 after the success of the Coventry Open Christmas service which offered a night shelter for homeless people in the city over the festive period.
He commended King Abdullah for instructing all government departments to implement the proposals made by GAB in its annual report for 2006.
We're looking for aggressive growth," Troy said, adding that GAB Robins has done well "retaining its TPA, loss-adjusting and managed care services customers.
Congressman Rodriguez should the GAB should inform the Nevada Commission that the Philippine government did not sanction the Pacquiao-Dela Hoya fight.
He couldnCOt speak, but he communicated with gestures,C[yen] police captain Herman Ruben Gab said after he responded to an emergency call by the manCOs nephew.
ITALIANS really are stallions for when it comes to love on holiday, but Irish lads have the gift of the gab, it was revealed yesterday.
ctn), the adaptor protein Gab 1, and the HGF/SF receptor Met.
When the Los Angeles Public Library launched its volunteer reading program in 1989, it was designed to appeal to grandparents and was called Grandparents and Books, or GAB.