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GABAGamma-Aminobutyric Acid
GABAGerman American Business Association
GABAGay Auckland Business Association (New Zealand)
GABAGeorgia Antiquarian Booksellers Association
GABAGreater Alameda Business Association (Alameda, California)
GABAGreater Arizona Bicycle Association
GABAGreat Australian Bugger All (colloquial term for the Australian Outback)
GABAGirls Be Ambitious, Boys Be Audacious (Tokyo, Japan)
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Table 1 shows that the between-group differences of the GABA, Glu, and Gln concentrations and the GABA/(NAA+NAAG), Glu/ (NAA+NAAG), Gln/ (NAA+NAAG) concentration ratios between the schizophrenia group and comparsion group were not statistically significant.
The GABA protein receptors are moved to the prominent parts when it's sunny outside to improve sharpness and removes it as light reduces.
To test their idea, they injected GABA inhibitors into undamaged zebrafish eyes and found that the fish developed a regenerative response: Muller glia in the retina dedifferentiated and proliferated.
3) Propofol might mediate an inward Cl [sup]− current in terminal, which initiates depolarization to trigger GABA release.
GABA is absorbed across the human intestine similarly to other amino acids.
2012) noted a significant increase in albumen height, haugh unit, yolk color, and yolk weight in Roman hens at 50 mg/kg of dietary GABA content.
GABA is involved in many functions including sedation memory and sleep anti-convulsion reduction of blood pressure regulation of respiration and appetite and lowering of stress (Bongianni et al 2006).
To study the effect of GABA on the cardiovascular responses, different doses of muscimol, a GABAA agonist were injected into the VTA (basal MAP=96.
GABA's natural function is to reduce the activity of the neurons to which it binds through GABA receptors (GABARs).
This study aimed to explore the distribution of GABA within neural tissues of Haliotis asinina.
For toxoplasma to make cells in the immune defense secrete GABA was as surprising as it was unexpected, and is very clever of the parasite," says study leader Antonio Barragan, MD, Ph.
Additionally, GABA reduces the resting electrical activity of the squid statocyst (Tu and Budelmann, 2000).