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GABAGamma-Aminobutyric Acid
GABAGerman American Business Association
GABAGay Auckland Business Association (New Zealand)
GABAGeorgia Antiquarian Booksellers Association
GABAGreater Alameda Business Association (Alameda, California)
GABAGreater Arizona Bicycle Association
GABAGreat Australian Bugger All (colloquial term for the Australian Outback)
GABAGirls Be Ambitious, Boys Be Audacious (Tokyo, Japan)
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The mechanism of propofol on presynaptic GABA release includes: (1) Propofol induces Ca [sup]2+-dependent GABA release.
It was observed that freeze-dried GABA-producer improved concentration of serum calcium, phosphorus, potassium and sodium and this result might be related to transportation and absorption by GABA. Chen et al.
Meanwhile previous studies in our laboratory showed that GABA can improve the outcome of heat-stressed broilers: increased food intake body weight average daily weight gain and decreased feed to gain ratio (Chen et al 2002).
The capacity for GABA uptake was supported by the demonstration of a high-affinity ([K.sub.m] = 52 [micro]mol [L.sup.-1]), sodium-dependent GABA transport mechanism in the CNS of Aplysia dactylomela (Zeman et al., 1975).
Oral Progesterone such as Prometrium or compounded goes through liver first pass, and after being metabolized affects GABA receptors in a more potent BDZ drug like manner.
Gamma-aminobutyric acid (4-aminobutyric acid) (GABA) and putrescine (1,4-diaminobutane) (Put) are considered as an important compounds available in biological system [1].
Gaba said PDAX aims to reduce the hefty price markups and high trading fees associated with investing in cryptocurrencies in the Philippines today by bringing efficiency to the market.
However, recent studies in the mouse brain and pancreas suggest GABA, a well-characterized neurotransmitter, also might play an important role in regeneration distinct from its role in communicating local signals from one neuron to the next.
There is something about the intangible power of ideas that draws Marc Escalona Gaba. The formless phenomenon has endless possibilities for the artist.