GABA-BGamma-Amino-Butyric Acid Type B
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Lithium, carbamazepine, and valproate have been found to increase the effect of GABA-B receptors while decreasing GABA turnover.
GABA-B receptors play an important role in modulating the release of glutamate and optimizing the ratio of excitatory to inhibitory neurotransmission.
According to a report that will appear in the July 17 issue of Science, the link between GABA-B receptors and the seizures is important because it may indicate a new way to treat the seizures.
When the GABA-B receptor was activated in the mice, seizures resembling petit mal resulted.
Studies examining induced seizure activity in mice suggest that the opposing actions of mGluRs and GABA-B receptors provide a therapeutic path for fragile X syndrome.