GABA-TGlutamic Acid Decarboxylase and GABA Transaminase
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attenuated the PTZ-induced increase in the activity of GABA-T in the rat brain.
In addition, it has also been reported that PTZ increases the level of GABA-T in the brain 40].
PTZ significantly increased the level of GABA-T activity in the rat brain.
In the metabolic process, glutamate generates GABA by the catalysis of GAD, and GABA generates succinic semialdehyde by the catalysis of GABA-T (Zhu et al.
The inhibition of GAD and GABA-T activities showed that GABA synthesis and metabolism were blocked, and vice versa.
T3 showed the highest antifeedant activity and significant effects on GAD and GABA-T activities.
GABA-T activity was assayed using a modified procedure of Qiu et al.
breviscapus extract on both GABA-T and SSADH was investigated.
Among the flavonoids, baicalein was the most potent inhibitor of GABA-T with an [IC.
Other studies report that the mammalian enzyme GABA-T reacts with [beta]ALA to the same extent as with GABA, whereas [beta]ALA is poorly transaminated by the enzyme derived from bacteria or yeast (14,15).
GABA-T activity was assayed using a modification of the procedure of Gibson et al.
4) to assay GABA-T, it seemed to be worthwhile to optimize the assay conditions; formation of a different reaction product was measured ([[sup.