GABPGreat American Ball Park (Cincinnati)
GABPGreat American Business Products (Houston, TX)
GABPGrey Association for Better Planning (Canada)
GABPGlutaraldehyde-Treated Bovine Pericardium
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I met a goshawk on my way home, and the bird informed me that he had lately been to Oz to capture and devour some of the young chickens.
We must, then, on our road again, and I hope from my heart that you may train these two young goshawks here until they are ready for a cast even at such a quarry as you speak of.
Other high notes this Division Series include the 44,599 that attended last night's Phillies-Reds Game 4 of the NLDS from Great American Ballpark, a new all-time single-game attendance record for GABP.