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GACGlobal Assembly Cache
GACGranular Activated Carbon
GACGreat American Country
GACGustavus Adolphus College (St. Peter, Minnesota)
GACGlobal Assembly Cache (Microsoft .NET)
GACGeneral Aviation Commission
GACGovernment Affairs Committee
GACGovernment Advisory Committee
GACGeological Association of Canada
GACGlobal Area Coverage
GACGeneral Assembly Council
GACGet A Clue
GACGovernmental Affairs Committee
GACGeneral Affairs Council (EU)
GACGCRC Advisory Committee (Penn State)
GACGeneral Advisory Committee
GACGrants and Contracts
GACGlobal AIDS Coordinator (US Department of State)
GACGuilty As Charged (band)
GACGraduate Affairs Committee
GACGovernment Affairs Conference
GACGalvanized Aircraft Cable
GACGemini Air Cargo
GACGroup Access Capability
GACGeospatial Advisory Committee
GACGuidance and Control
GACGraphic Arts Center
GACGovernor's Advisory Council
GACGeneralized Arc-Consistency
GACGraphic Adventure Creator
GACGeneric Artificial Consciousness
GACGeneral American Corporation (real estate vendor management provider)
GACGreater Alabama Council (Boy Scouts of America)
GACGlobal Afrikan Congress
GACGeorgia Agribusiness Council
GACGloster Aircraft Company
GACGreenbelt Arts Center (Greenbelt, MD, USA)
GACGround Assault Convoy
GACGuelph Arts Council
GACGospel Assembly Church
GACGIS Application Center
GACGrumman Aerospace Corporation
GACGreyhound Adoption Center
GACGeriatric Assessment Clinic
GACGlobal Asbestos Congress
GACGlobal Avalanche Characteristics
GACGreek Alliance Council
GACGraduate Academic Certificate
GACGeneral Artificial Consciousness
GACGeometrie Algebrique Complexe
GACGeneral Avionics Computer
GACGlobal Atmospheric Chemistry Group
GACGrilled American Cheese (sandwich)
GACGraphs and Combinatorics
GACGraduate Admission Committee
GACGoodyear Atomic Corporation
GACGeneral Analytics Corporation
GACGroundwater Activated Carbon
GACGorkha Ayurved Company (Nepal)
GACGloucester Arts Council
GACGolder Associates Corporation
GACGrangeville Air Center (Us Forest Service Smokejumper Base in Northern Idaho)
GACGlobal Assessment of Change (score used in clinical studies medical)
GACGamblin Artists Colors Co.
GACGraphical Activity Client
GACGeneral Acoustic Conditions
GACGeological Advisory Committee (North Carolina Geological Survey)
GACGovernment and Anti-Corruption (Diagnostics Tools)
GACGlobal Avalanche Criterion
GACGrammar Applicative and Cognitive (model)
GACGoods At Consolidator
GACGirls' Action Council
GACGravesham Arts Council (UK)
GACGenerale Accessoires Chauffage
GACGeneral Application Controls (information technology auditing)
GACGerman Aerospace Centre
GACGovernment Access Channel (various locations)
GACGenetic Analysis Center (New York University)
GACGresham Art Committee (Gresham, OR)
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In the future, GAC Motor will strengthen its position as the best Chinese automaker and release 20 to 30 models in the next five years while achieving production capacity of 350,000 by 2016, 500,000 by 2017 and one million by 2020.
With this move, in line with GAC s projects to beef up its commitment to the upstream oil and gas industry in the Middle East region, where GAC has been a leader in the provision of shipping, logistics and marine services for nearly 60 years.
GAC Jordan acted as agent for the 'Golar Eskimo' when it made its port call to offload 144,218 cubic meters of LNG from Qatar.
Exceeding 8,000 hours of cumulative operation is widely taken as a benchmark for demonstrating a gas turbine's reliability, and now that a unit from the GAC lineup has passed this hurdle in a commercial application, MHPS expects even more robust demand for its gas turbine offerings.
The integrated package of support services at multiple ports for the 93-metre long three-masted Bermuda rigged schooner 'Eos' was co-ordinated by the GAC Bunker Fuels specialised superyacht department based in Southampton, UK, said a statement.
Thursday's GAC data also revealed that the first four months saw a year-on-year decline of 0.
Shipping services company GAC-OBC, with more than 20 offices throughout the UK, becomes GAC Shipping (UK), alongside GAC Logistics (UK), GAC's UK freight forwarding arm.
GAC Netherlands' premises are strategically located at the heart of the port, in the Distriport Benelux area, enabling it to take full advantage of nearby motorway connections and harbours, with direct waterway and railway connections.
The year before the mine closed, the book was published with financial support from the Mineral Deposits Division of the GAC.
During our collaboration, it has become abundantly clear a closer relationship with GAC would add strength to our operations and deliver added benefits to our customers.
research can be completed in a matter of hours, his new environment allows us to pull abstracts and information immediately, and because these data are mapped specifically for our system, we can have a completed product in half the time of our traditional process," said Christopher Behning, senior vice president of GAC.
The addition of GAC positions Fiserv to offer this comprehensive packaging to the realty and mortgage banking industries," said Richard Snedden, president and chief executive officer of GAC.