GACCGerman-American Chamber of Commerce
GACCGainesville Area Chamber of Commerce (Gainesville, FL)
GACCGeographic Area Coordination Centers (wildland firefighting)
GACCGreat American Cross Country
GACCGatwick Area Conservation Campaign (UK)
GACCGreat American Cookie Company (various organizations)
GACCGlobal Air Chiefs Conference
GACCGrating Assisted Codirectional Coupler
GACCGround Attack Control Center
GACCGreater Austin Crime Commission (Austin, Texas)
GACCGround Attack Control Capability
GACCGreat Apes of Congo Center
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These are the Implementation Agreement with the Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) on China's donation of four mobile X-ray container vehicle inspection systems and two luggage inspection systems to the Philippines, and a separate intergovernmental accord with GACC defining the scope and guidelines that aim to strengthen the cooperation and mutual assistance on Customs matters between the two countries.
Zhang Tiezhi, the deputy secretary-general of the GACC, held a press conference in Tokyo on Monday (Aug.
'Of the 14 companies, seven have been visited by GACC. The companies selected to export the Musang King durian for the first phase will be announced on Monday,' he told reporters at the Aidilfitri celebration for the Pulai Parliamentary constituency here today.
GACC and SENASA reached an agreement on cherry quarantine on December 2, 2018.
The Ghana Anti-Corruption Coalition (GACC)/Local Accountability Network (LANet) is implementing the project dubbed 'Strengthening Accountability and Transparency in the Utilization of Public Resources at the Local Level through Active Citizen Participation to Enhance Quality Service Delivery and Development', which is a two-year project, funded by the Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA).
GACC has also approved six Indian mills for export of rapeseed meal to China.
Information about the existing number of households already using improved cookstoves was taken from the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves database (GACC 2014b) and is also shown in the figure.
___________________________________________________________________________________________ Tribune News Network - Doha : A RENEWABLE energy fuel station made from metal scrap, a discarded wheel and plastic water bottles won the first prize for the Oil and Gas division team at a Scrap Art Contest organised by the Galfar Arts and Cultural Club (GACC) for the staff of Galfar Al Misnad recently.
The chairman of environmental group GACC (Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign) fears obstacles to using the emergency runway as a second runway could be overcome -- and that would mean more noise for people living in places to the north of the airport, such asHorley.
[46] GACC, "SuperSaver Wood GL (M-5000)," http://catalog stoves/35.
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves (GACC), has developed a Clean Cooking Implementation Science Network (ISN) (Fogarty International Center 2015).
Object of DNA code (they are all in 5'-3' direction from code left to right) Initiator [I.subv.1] = GCAG sequence Spacer [X.sub.0] = TCGG, [X.sub.1] = CGCA, [X.sub.2] = sequence TCAT, [X.sub.3] = GTGG, [X.sub.4] = TCTT, [X.sub.5] = TGCA, [X.sub.6] = TGGA, [X.sub.7] = CGTA Terminator [I.sub.2] = AACC sequence Atomic [p.sub.1] = CCGC, [q.sub.1] = ATCC, [p.sub.2] = proposition CAAA, [q.sub.2] = GGGA, [p.sub.3] = TTAC, [q.sub.3] = ATAT [m.sub.1] = [p.sub.1] [conjunction] [p.sub.3] = GTGA, [m.sub.2] = [q.sub.1] [conjunction] [p.sub.3] = GACC, [m.sub.3] = [p.sub.2] [conjunction] [q.sub.3] = AACG, [m.sub.4] = [q.sub.2] [conjunction] [q.sub.3] = GACG TABLE 19: Checking for [[psi].sub.4]: the encoding of FSA [A.sub.4] of formula, where sto() means WC.