GACHIGeorgia Council for the Hearing Impaired, Inc
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(TSX.V:SCZ), a Mexican focused silver company, has signed a binding agreement to transfer its interest in the El Gachi Property in Sonora State, Mexico, to First Majestic Silver Corp.
At the start, everything depends on the option, the angle of attack.' It is not the misspelt words ('gachi' for 'gachis', 'profondement' for 'profondement', 'debut' for 'debut', 'depend' for 'depend', 'obtion' for 'option') that undermine the journal's testimony.
The three properties--San Felipe, El Gachi, and Moctezuma--have estimated geologic reserves of 4M mt grading 8.9 oz/st silver, 10.3% zinc, and 7.3% lead.
Police Inspector from Gachi Bowli Station, Jupally Ramesh, said a case was booked on a complaint lodged by a student named as Ramesh.
to acquire a 100% interest in the San Felipe project and adjacent El Gachi property located near Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, the company said.
Sources say half of the population of this village is engaged in brewing and selling the urea drink which is prepared by mixing urea, jaggery and special soil cakes called Gachi or Gachni.
DIEZ, Francisco, TAPIA, Gachi, Herramientas para trabajar en mediacion, Editorial Paidos, Argentina, 1999.
Ainsi, certains metisses recherchent la racine gitane sur laquelle ils fonderont leur identite en reniant tacitement la presque totalite de sa contrepartie gachi (non-gitane).
O ya son las parejas: el inveterado idilio de la Maritornes y el Marte sin graduacion, sudosos, empolvados, jadeantes de haber bailado mucho; el estudiante y su novia, la modistilla retozona y pizpireta, de andar menudito; el organillero y su gachi, peinada como solo ellas saben; el buen obrero, con la parienta un poco malhumorada de tanta escala en los templos de Baco .
Gachi, a signalA@ que la formation de chirurgiens, infirmiers, rA@animateurs et psychologues spA@cialisA@s en oncologie pA@diatriques n'existe pas AlgA@rie et il est urgent d'y remA@dier.
Terms of the initial agreement with MHM dated 3 August 2011, as amended, included upcoming payments of USD 5m on or before 1 December 2015 and a final payment of USD 14m on or before 15 December 2016 to acquire the San Felipe property and the El Gachi property and related milling equipment, buildings, land, and water rights as the main assets.