GACMGerman Association for Computational Mechanics (Institut für Baustatik, Universität Stuttgart; Stuttgart, Germany)
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GACM's Patino dismissed suggestions that the airport was tainted by corruption and said that it was being built in accordance with high transparency standards.
Staat, "Modeling and simulation of a growing mass by the smoothed finite element method (SFEM)," in YIC GACM III ECCOMMAS-VI GACM, S.
A timetable developed by the GACM indicated that the outfitting of the construction site would be concluded in the three first months of this year, but some media reports indicate that the work has not been completed.
GACM's goal is for the NAICM to be environmentally sustainable and to be the first airport in the world to obtain LEED Platinum certification v4 at its main terminal.
TABLA 3 PATRON TOTAL DE DESGASTE POR PLACA (EN PORCENTAJES) Guia total Placa Blanda (B) Dura (D) Sin Total placa (S) general GACM 0,00 0,00 1,48 1,48 GADM 0,00 1,48 2,22 3,70 GMCM 7,41 4,44 9,63 21,48 GMDM 24,44[seccion] 24,44[seccion] 17,04 68,15 GPCM 0,74 0,74 2,96 4,44 GPDM 0,74 0,00 0,00 0,74 Exacta de Fisher valor p = 0,039; [seccion] [ji al cuadrado] valor p < 0,05.
(AICM) and GACM are related governmental entities, which are not expected to have leverage maximization as a priority.