GACRGrant Agency of the Czech Republic (Czech Science Foundation)
GACRGeorgia Association of College Republicans (Canton, GA)
GACRGyrate Atrophy of Choroid and Retina
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This work was supported by projects GACR 201/08/P100 from the Czech Science Foundation and MSM0021620839 financed by the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic.
El presente estudio debe su publicacion a la ayuda economica de una beca doctoral de GA JU 4/2002/H-PF, una beca post-doctoral de GACR, 404/06/P186 y del proyecto MSM 600766580.
This study was supported by grants EU QLK4-CT-1999-01368, GACR 310/01/0802, GACR 310/03/0437, and AVOZ5039906.
The paper has been created with the financial support of The Czech Science Foundation (project GACR No.
The research was supported by Strategic Research Plan of the Czech Geological Survey, GACR project No.
This research was supported in part by (1) "Centre for Applied Cybernetics", Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic under project 1M0567, (2) "SMEW--Smart Environments at Workplaces", Grant Agency of the Czech Republic, GACR P403/10/1310, (3) "SCADA system for control and monitoring of processes in Real Time", Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, TACR, TA01010632 and (4) "User Adaptive Systems", VSB Technical University of Ostrava under project SP/2011/22.
The author gratefully acknowledges the partial support provided by the Czech Science Foundation within the project of GACR No.
This research has been supported by Grand Agency of the Czech Republic under the contract GACR 101/06/1689 and by the Czech Ministry for Education in frame of the Research Intention JC MSM 0021630529: Intelligent systems in automation.
This research was supported by the GACR (Grant Agency, Czech Republic) grant No.
The outcome has been achieved with the financial support of project GACR P104/12/1988 "Study of interactions of components of cementitious composites exposed to high temperatures", project of Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic Project No.