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GACTGenerally Available Control Technology
GACTGenerally Achievable Control Technology
GACTGranular Activated Carbon Treatment
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GACTGraphic Analysis & Correlation Terminal
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P value for association Haplotypes AITD GD HT NC AITD GD HT versus versus versus CATT 887 589 298 794 NC 0.429 NC 0.693 NC 0.294 GACT 662 438 224 573 0.914 0.807 0.841 CCCC 395 247 148 321 0.310 0.783 0.087 AITD: autoimmune thyroid disease; GD: Graves' disease; HT: Hashimoto's thyroiditis; NC: normal controls.
For example, a facility that has a single 10 MMBtu/hr boiler that operates for approximately 4,000 annual full load hours is likely to be required to perform an energy assessment per the boiler GACT rule.
Craig Schmeisser, RMT Inc., and Kurt Braun, Ford Motor Co., spoke at the Central Ohio and Toledo meetings regarding the latest EPA developments on Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT), Generally Achievable Control Technology (GACT) and clean air standards, focusing specifically on melting operations.
They indicated that GAAA, AAAT, GATA and GGAA were the most common tetranucleotide repeats while GACA and GACT were rarer.
The initial focus is on the Industrial Commercial and Institutional (ICI) Boiler GACT (minor) and MACT (major).
MACT), which is determined by averaging the top 12% of covered facilities without consideration of cost, area source standards are based on generally achievable control technology (GACT), which is determined by looking at what most facilities are doing and assessing the costs of compliance.
To facilitate the examination of the seven SNPs simultaneously, each SNP-specific primer was designed to be a different length by the addition of variable lengths of nonhomologous d(GACT) polynucleotide tails to the 5' end of the primer.
EPA has another option: setting a standard based on generally available control technology (GACT).
Sponsors: IEEE Computer Society in cooperation with ACM SI - GACT. Contact Albert Meyer, MIT Lab for Computer Science, NE43-315, 545 Technology Square, Cambridge, MA 2139; (617) 253-6024, email: meyer at
in addition to controlling emissions from major sources, EPA must also issue regulations, based on Generally Available Control Technology (GACT), for emissions from small area sources, such as dry cleaners and gas stations, sufficient to control area sources representing at least 90% of area source emissions of the 30 most hazardous air pollutants.
But its website says: "Specialising in the management of blocks of property, PM Gacts as managing agents for the leaseholders in the running of the management company.