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GADGeneralized Anxiety Disorder
GADGeneral Anxiety Disorder (less common)
GADGlutamic Acid Decarboxylase
GADGender and Development
GADGlobal Account Director (various companies)
GADGrowth and Development
GADGeocentric Axial Dipole (physics)
GADGender & Development
GADGovernment Actuary's Department (UK)
GADGamma Alpha Delta (fraternity)
GADGeneral Anthropology Division (American Anthropological Association)
GADGeneral Accounting Division (various locations)
GADGift Aid Declaration (charitable contributions; UK)
GADGeneral Arrangement Drawing (engineering)
GADGlobal Active Directory (Microsoft)
GADGovernment Administration and Defence (Australia)
GADGesellschaft für Automatische Datenverarbeitung (German: EDP society)
GADGovernment Affairs Division (various organizations)
GADGrants Administration Division
GADGo and Die (texting)
GADGlobalization and Democracy
GADGermersheim Army Depot
GADGeorgia Association of the Deaf, Inc.
GADGenesys Agent Desktop (customer contact center industry)
GADGlobal Application Delivery
GADGuard Capacity Adaptation Based on Dropping
GADGallium Arsenide Diode
GADGender Awareness and Development
GADGeneric Accreditation Document
GADGender Alliance for Development Center (Tirana, Albania)
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For example, a female budget officer will be appointed as GAD point person, but she is also busy on her tasks.
The cost of implementing GAD programs shall be the agency's or the local government unit's GAD budget which shall be at least five percent (5%) of the agency's or the local government unit's total budget appropriations," she cited.
An Egyptian national, Gad holds a bachelor's degree of commerce and business administration from Cairo University.
Alastair Richards, CEO of North West Cancer Research, said: "It was great to welcome Gad and Dave to our labs and share with them some of the research we are currently supporting.
GAD is typically a chronic relapsing illness, characterized by core symptoms of pathological worry, restlessness, easy fatigue, sleep disturbance, muscle tension, difficulty concentrating and irritability3.
Based upon the positive study findings, worry outcome monitoring now can legitimately be considered an evidence-based intervention that deserves to be incorporated as a routine component of CBT for GAD, he said.
In multivariate analysis, men with GAD were at a 2.
GAD affects up to 5% of the population, with slightly more women than men diagnosed.
Gad told Daily News Egypt that Amadeus acquires 41% of the aviation industry technology in the world.
According to another notification of the S and GAD, the BCS officer, Khudai Nazar Barech (BCS/BS-19), who was serving as the Deputy Commissioner, Chaghai, has been transferred and directed to report to the S and GAD.
Authors Shayne Cox Gad and Samantha Gad-McDonald present medical and health care professionals with a one volume guide to the testing and assessment of biomaterials, medical devices, and products designed to improve mobility or accessibility for the disabled.
GAD is a common mental illness that is characterized by persistent and unrelenting worrying about everyday things such as personal finances, health, family, and work.