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GADAGreater Arizona Development Authority (public infrastructure)
GADAGender and Development Action (Nigeria)
GADAGlobal Address Data Association
GADAGlutamic Acid Decarboxylase Antibody
GADAInternational Symposium on Grid Computing, High-Performance and Distributed Applications
GADAGlobal Assessments of Disease Activity
GADAGeorgia Department of Agriculture (US)
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In addition to drilling commencing and ramping up throughout the year we look forward to, subject to positive due diligence, adding the Gada Gold Project to the Amani Gold portfolio.
It was suggested that 15% to 30% of patients with T1D have autoimmune thyroid disease (AITD) [8,9], and the prevalence of GADA is much higher in patients with AITD than in the general population [10,11].
Abbreviations DKA: Diabetic ketoacidosis ICU: Intensive care unit PD-1: Antiprogrammed death 1 receptor PD-1L: Programmed death ligand GADA: Glutamic acid decarboxylase autoantibodies IAA: Insulin autoantibodies IA-2A: Islet antigen 2 autoantibodies ICA: Islet cell antibodies ZnT8A: Zinc transporter 8 autoantibodies.
The Borana Council of Elders national chairman Gorres Waqo said that five senior Gada members have been appointed to spearhead the reconciliation process in partnership with other local leaders.He said the elders only recognise the CS and they expect that he would be retained in the Cabinet.
It has been shown that patients with T2DM may produce higher levels of GADA and after a short period of time develop T1DM.
After being in the over five-decade-old family embroidery business and having worked for most of the leading global luxury brands, Mehta and Gada decided to create a luxury brand (Forest Of Chintz) of their own.
Although there is increasing evidence for the relationship between epilepsy and high levels of glutamic acid decarboxylase antibody (GADA), the clinical significance is still uncertain (4,5).
Type 1A diabetes is characterized as the abnormal activation of the T cell mediated immune system, leading to an inflammatory response in islets as well as to a humoral response with production of autoantibodies to beta-cell antigens (ICA), insulin (IAA), glutamic acid decarboxylase (GADA), and the protein tyrosine phosphatase IA2 (IA-2A) [3-5].
In this study, LADA was defined as patients aged above 30 years and who did not necessitate insulin administration for 6 months after the initial diagnosis and with glutamic acid decarboxylase autoantibody (GADA) positivity.
He had promised ` 15 lakh to every Indian, jobs to youths and better minimum support price to the farmers for their produce," Partymen present Rahul Gandhi with a gada ( club); former MP Jitin Prasada ( above) raised the idea of reservations based on economic criteria at the meet.
In his letter to the parents of tragic Andrea Gada, David Cameron said he had asked Home Secretary Theresa May to look into their case.
Former Huddersfield couple Wellington and Charity Gada, lost their five-year-old daughter Andrea in a road accident just before Christmas.