GADNRGeorgia Department of Natural Resources (Atlanta, GA)
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Currently, GADNR requires the use of this TED in the whelk trawl fishery in Georgia waters.
The GADNR coordinates all sea turtle conservation efforts in the
The GADNR currently coordinates thirteen loggerhead nest
biologists from the GADNR and UGA are currently conducting a satellite
Ossabaw Islands in Georgia, the GADNR has been using plastic screens as
Drastic and chronological declines occurred in commercial landings that peaked at 3,628,739 kg in 1908, quickly dropped to 1,360,777 kg in 1910, 17,236 kg in 1936, 17,236 kg in 1978, and finally 5,482 kg in 2009 (Harris 1980, GADNR Commercial Landings Statistics).
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