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GADPGovernment Anti-Diversion Policy
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FBP: fructose 1,6-bisphosphate; F-6-P: fructose-6-phosphate; GADP: glyceraldehyde-3phosphate; G-6-P: glucose-6-phosphate; PEP: phosphoenolpyruvate; 3-PG: 3-phosphoglycerate.
The Gujranwala Agricultural Development Project (GADP), initiated in 1985, introduced the system of the Couple Mobile Credit Officers (CMCOs) to extend outreach to women.
As revealed from above programmes no anti-poverty alleviation programme of Pakistan specially sponsored by ADBP like Gujranwala Agriculture Credit Programme (GADP) Kisan Banking Window and credit programme for special schemes based on self income generated projects meant for small farmers and the landless rural poor (including women) has been indicting excepting "Aga Khan Rural Credit Programme of Northern Areas run by a Non Government Organization (NGO) on a small scale.
Important and interesting experiments under this scheme include the Gujranwala Agricultural Development Project (GADP), the Rural Credit Programme, the National Oilseed Development Project, the Participatory Rural Development Project, the Private Tubewell Development Project, the Sindh Forestry Development Project, the Small Holder Dairy Development Project, the Second Barani Area Development Project, the Second SCARP Transition Project, the NWFP Barani Area Development Project, and the Mansehra Village Support Programme.