GADTGround Air Defense Threat
GADTGeneralized Algebraic Data Type
GADTGeneric Abstract Data Type (computer programming)
GADTGreek Association of Dance Therapists
GADTGlenelg and Arnisdale Development Trust (Scotland, UK)
GADTGerman Adventure Design Team (online game designer)
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This study presents the implementation of the GADT to achieve superior optimization.
In such cases, the GADT will converge to equivalent solution achieved by the typical GA algorithm, as trimming is queued only by the initial convergence of the GA process.
Figure 3 pictorially lays out the flowchart for the general GADT algorithm as well as the specifics of the domain-trimming subalgorithm.
"We kept Mammoet's equipment busy from April 2013 to August 2014," said Gadt.
The 1350 relocation project, according to Gadt, included 10 days for equipment mobilization and loading.
Moving the draglines by transporter was significantly cheaper than walking them or tearing them down, shipping them and reassembling them, said Gadt. A large part of the project cost was the initial mobilization of the transport equipment at the site--and once it was there, why not use it on more than one machine?
"With several new mining sites set to begin operation in 2014 and 2015, we designed a plan to move draglines to those sites as safely, quickly and cost effectively as possible," Gadt noted.
"The state's energy consumption continues to grow along with the economy, and Luminant's new Liberty mine is there to help not only by producing more lignite for powering Texas, but also creating jobs and a positive economic impact for [the region]," Gadt said of the Rusk County facility, where Luminant has been a community member for more than four decades so far.
The Tuesday afternoon session begins with Brad Gadt, heavy equipment outage and relocations manager for Luminant Mining, and his presentation, Moving Multiple Draglines at Luminant's Texas Operations.
Announcing results, Gadoon Textile Mills (GADT) stated 2Q2017 EPS of Rs8.69, up 9.5x YoY.
By Brad Gadt. Heavy Equipment Outage & Relocations Manager, Luminant Mining Co.