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Perhaps the most interesting short story in this book is the title tale, 'Raakh Se Likhi Gaee Kitaab'.
When sustenance was pressed upon her, she would laugh and say 'Enna Menoo Chidday Ditta, Enna Menoo Pidday Ditta, Men Gaee Ruj'.
Umr-i-daraz maang ke laaye thhe chaar din, magar ittefaq se un ko umr-i-Khizr mil gaee."
Certain changes had been made to the script of the play and dialogues such as NAB Pakar Lay Gi (NAB will arrest you) or Metro Aa Gaee (Metro is there) were added to the script to make it more relevant.
'Urdu per pabandi laga di gaee university mey [using Urdu has been restricted at the university]' is manifest of highly irresponsible reporting, he asserts: 'There was no such ban.'