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GAEPGeneral Atomics Energy Products (San Diego, CA)
GAEPGlobal Approaches to Extension Practice (Nigeria)
GAEPGeneralized Atomic Effective Potential
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"The monitoring department formed a committee to evaluate the environmental damages that would be caused by the project's implementation," said Anwar Al-Himairi, the deputy head of the GAEP. The Ministry of Electricity denies their project will be determental to the environment and say the project was already approved by the capital secretariat.
Seo sunne gaep be Godes dihte betweox heofenan and eoroan, on daeg bufon eoroan and on niht under oysse eoran, eall swa feorr adune on nihtlicre tide under aere eorpan swa heo on daeg bufon up astihp.(8)