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Ye've got the Auld and New Testaments in your bedchambers, and the natural history o' Pairthshire on the coffee-room table--and if that's no' reading eneugh for ye, ye may een gae back South again, and get the rest of it there."
The report said GAEs in three sectors out of 15 market sectors are exceeding their net profits at larger rates.
The overall GAEs in the insurance sector stood at more than SR1.1 billion during the second quarter compared to SR1 billion in the second quarter of last year, or an increase of 11 percent, the report said.
Media and publishing sector topped second among the highest expending sectors in terms of GAEs where their rate stood at 234 percent of the sector's total profits, the report said.
Gaes also noted that education is "fundamental to other correctional goals" and that it "may be a prerequisite to the success of many of the other kinds of prison rehabilitation programs." Speaking, writing, reading and listening, as well as quantitative reasoning, are cognitive skills.
Gaes tells us that: "Unlike many correctional interventions which may only involve a small proportion of the confined population, some form of correctional education can impact almost every offender." He goes on to say, "Even college graduates may benefit from further education and specialized certification.
Gaes helped me clearly understand an important point about correctional education--that the potential benefit of education is not to just a limited segment of the correctional population, and for this reason, correctional education is a different type of correctional treatment program--and a very potent one.
Gaes has been working on inmate classification research since he started his BOP career.
Population projection is another area in which Gaes has been involved since the beginning of his career.
Gaes also has been researching inmate gangs to improve and expand the security threat index, determine which gangs are the biggest threats, provide a clear indication of the kinds of threats the gangs impose and ascertain how program interventions may change security threats over time.
These values are within the range of GAE reported for Pinto cultivars by Mojica et al.
Cooking resulted in significant further decreases of GAE in all samples, to values from 3.34 to 6.37 mg GAE/g (Figure 3).