GAESAGrupo de Administración Empresarial, SA (Cuba; Spanish)
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The officers who administered GAESA and its subsidiaries
El diseno realizado para cada grupo es un muestreo por conglomerados estratificado, siendo los conglomerados los nueve cursos impartidos por las siguientes entidades (FOREM, CECO, IFES, FAFE, AFOCOR, Fundosa Social Consulting, DIASOFT, Instituto Alcantara, GAESA, GDT) dividiendo la poblacion en los siguientes estratos:
Nothing will change in Cuba as long as GAESA maintains its tight control over the economy, and freedoms are not protected.
Mais force est de constater, toutefois, que le retablissement des relations diplomatiques americano-cubaines n'est pas reellement [beaucoup moins que]annule[beaucoup plus grand que] comme d'aucuns pourraient le penser puisque, dans les faits, les ambassades des deux pays resteront ouvertes a Washington et a La Havane; le nouveau president americain visant uniquement l'armee cubaine a travers le Gaesa, ce conglomerat qu'elle controle depuis le demantelement de l'ex-URSS et avec lequel il entend interdire aux entreprises americaines de commercer.
Cuba's armed forces have been active players in the economy for years through their holding company Grupo de Administration Empresarial SA (GAESA), which is headed by President Raul Castro's son-in-law, Col.
In one of the most important changes, transactions with the Business Administration Group, S.A GAESA will be prohibited.
It is the non-bank financial branch of Grupo de Administracion Empresarial SA (Gaesa), the armed forces' business unit that controls entities which have remained solvent throughout the most recent cash crunch that began in 2008.
Summary of Key Policy Changes: The new policy channels economic activities away from the Cuban military monopoly, Grupo de Administracin Empresarial (GAESA), including most travel-related transactions, while allowing American individuals and entities to develop economic ties to the private, small business sector in Cuba.
Luis Alberto Rodriguez Lopez Callejas, now chief executive of the powerful Cuban holding company Gaesa. And it will include Raul's son, Alejandro Castro Espin, Ashby said.
Other Cuban MBA students enrolled in the program are likely employed in the country's tourism sector, as well as in other money-generating entities such as CIMEX (which runs Cuba's "dollar store" supermarkets) and GAESA, the holding entity for Cuba's Ministry of Defense and parent company of tourism conglomerate Gaviota.
"There is a son-in-law who's married to Raul's daughter and who runs Gaesa, the cash cow of the Cuban army.