GAFAMGoogle, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft (tech companies)
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Debut des annees 2010, l'irruption impromptue et disruptive des GAFAM, des Fintech (societes de technologies financieres)dans le secteur financier provoque des remous aupres des banques traditionnelles.
When we move into the autonomous car stage, we have to stress the impact of regulatory imperatives, of consumers' reactions--be they enthusiastic or disoriented--and the influence and role of the internet big five (GAFAM) and of new entrants: could you comment on these central issues and challenges ahead?
The key medtech industry challenges of lack of innovation in conventional segments, the evolution of GAFAM (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft) and other non-traditional participants, has led to certain industry moves broadly classified into increasing personalization, data and tech leverage, enhanced post-acute care coordination and an increasing focus on value-based care models.
Over the last decade, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft combined the so called GAFAM quintet have made over 400 acquisitions globally, with more than half of these close to 250 just in the most recent 5 years.