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The glossary provides large arrays of variants for common words such as "now" (Cairene dilwa ti) - dilwa, dilwax, dilwaxt, dilwaxti, dilwag, dilwagt, dilwak, dilwakt, dilwaket, dilwakiti, dilwaq, dirwax, durwak, dirwaxiti, dirwaxitik, durwaxiti, diwwa ti, duwa ti, dilge, dilwan, dilgeti, digge, dalag, dok, dokhiti, halwagt, halwagit and so on - or "frog" (Cairene dufda) - gafda a, gifdi a, gufda a, gufda a, ga rura, ga rura, ga oya, ga u a, ga rona, du udfa, du udfa, du duf, du dufa, du dafa, and others.