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In fact, we don't know who exported it from here or whether it was only passing through our sea route," Al Reyaysa said According to the GAFM, the confiscated saffron was unfit for human consumption after laboratory examinations showed that the product contained fake materials, including synthetic colours and alooramen, a C toxic substance.
While developing the linear and exponential forms of GAAM, GAIM and GAFM models, probabilities for crossover ([p.sub.c]) and mutation ([p.sub.m]) were selected as 0.6 and 0.01, respectively, and the population size (pz) of 55 and the generation number (t) of 200 were determined as GA parameters.
After applying the GAAM, GAIM and GAFM models, the following equations for accident, injury and fatalities predictions are obtained based on relative errors and minimum mean absolute errors (MAE) between the observed and estimated data.