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GAFOGlobal Aquaculture Fish Outlook (Global Aquaculture Alliance)
GAFOGrowing a Future Organization (est. 2005)
GAFOGeneration of Active Forms of Oxygen
GAFOGeneral Merchandise, Apparel and Accessories, Furniture and Other Sales (retail sales categories)
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(4.) "GAFO" is a US Census Bureau acronym for the combination of the following retail business types: general merchandise (NAICS 452), apparel and accessories (NAICS 448), furniture and furnishings (NAICS 442), and other.
GAFO, Juan Carlos (2010): "La estructura actual de la Administracion de Protocolo en Espana", en Estudios de Comunicacion y Protocolo (I).
The key point highlighted by Gafo dealt with the emphasis on "drawing the appropriate lessons from the incidents, to give them a positive outcome." He said that "all parties in the south have recognized the importance of facilitating UNIFIL's work in carrying out its mission under [UN Security Council] Resolution 1701." Gafo rejected attempts to create divisions between UNIFIL troops from the different contributing nations to the force.
The late Javier Gafo (past chair of Bioethics at Comillas) broadly examines relevant teachings from the OT, the Gospels, and the Catholic moral tradition, and their later expression in casuistry--particularly regarding the not-absolute value of human life--and applies his insights to end of life issues.
Estas categorias son compatibles con los rasgos de una atencion humanizada expresados por Gafo (1993): Reconocimiento de la dignidad intrinseca de todo enfermo, unicidad del paciente, globalidad del paciente, el respeto a la libertad, la participacion de los pacientes, el igualitarismo y el equilibrio en la relacion empatia-afecto.
When relatives become aware that a member of their family is in critical condition, between life and death, their thoughts focus on the fact that s/he could die (Gafo et al., 1984).
The Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA) will convene its first Global Aquaculture Fish Outlook (GAFO) meeting May 23-25 at the Marriott Oak Brook Hotel near Chicago, Illinois, USA.
The research firm, which tracks the GAFO sector (general merchandise, apparel, furniture and other specialty stores), said in its report that sales at supercenters, warehouse clubs and dollar stores should lead most other retail channels.
In an opinion on environmental agreements (rapporteur: Jose Ignacio Gafo Fernandez, Employers, Spain), the ESC recommends improving the accessibility and transparency of voluntary agreements with industry, and in particular, ensuring greater certainty in terms of the final outcome for stakeholders proposing such agreements: a better definition of "stakeholders", consideration of voluntary agreements for the award of ecolabels, EMAS-certification and public procurement, modalities of acknowledgement of voluntary agreements and criteria for recognition, criteria for the internal functioning of voluntary agreements, removal of the requirement for cost-effective administration, and ensuring compatibility with competition rules.