GAFPGeorgia Academy of Family Physicians
GAFPGeorgia Association for Food Protection
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f-Calvarial defects+Dexa+Synthetic graft group, extension of astrocytes surrounding vessels, separation and degeneration GAFP positive expression, GAFP immunostaining Bar 50 [micro]m.
(60) Myoepithelial carcinomas frequently express vimentin (100%), calponin (75%-100%), S100 (82%-100%), CK AE1/3 (90%-100%), 34[beta]E12 (92%), CAM 5.2 (89%), pancytokeratin (74%), and EMA (21%-100%); less frequently express caldesmon (50%), SMA (35%-50%), MSA (31%), GAFP (31%-50%), SMMHC (30%), p63 (28%), EMA (27%), and Ki-67 (labeling index, 4%-65%); occasionally express CD117 (6%) and desmin (10%); and do not express CEA.
Its Generally Accepted Framing Practices (GAFP) project has subsequently produced preservation framing standards for art on paper, photography and textiles and for materials specifications.