GAFRDGeneral Authority for Fish Resources Development
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* Corresponding author: Ahmed M Al-Beak, General Authority for Fish Resources Development (GAFRD), Egypt, Tel: +20 2 22603934; E-mail:
"Modern marine fish hatcheries and cages can be constructed in the Red Sea and the Mediterranean to compensate for the shortage of fish," he told The Egyptian Gazette in an exclusive interview, adding that the GAFRD has decided to put an end to the contamination of lakes with sewage and industrial waste.
El-Hosni, the newly appointed Chairman of the GAFRD, is very ambitious to increase the production of fish within the new mechanism.
El-Hosni told this paper that the GAFRD is planning to invest in the middle of Sinai, using underground water to establish intensive aquaculture.
"It used to cost E120-150 [pounds sterling] ($21.85-$27.31) for a thousand tilapia fry," says GAFRD chairman Mohamed Fathy Osman.
The GAFRD said that it has recorded 4,656 incidents of encroachments of state property in the northern lakes in 2015 and 2016.
Chief of the GAFRD Khaled Al-Husseiny believes that not removing encroachments was a result of the security situation.
GAFRD defined regional waters as any (seas, oceans, rivers) upon which a certain state has sovereignty or control.
The GAFRD "do not fulfil their promises, they are corrupt and recruit their employees through connections," Abu 'Alaa said referring to new competition from what he says are "untrained small-scale fisheries".
He added that GAFRD is "only interested in making business out of the fishermen" while he has been fishing for 30 years, Abu 'Alaa said that he was not allowed to locate in Safagah, Hurghada, while others were allowed to because they had connections within the GAFRD.