GAFSGreek-American Folklore Society (Astoria, NY)
GAFSGlobal Assessment of Functioning Scale (psychiatry)
GAFSGeneral Accounting & Finance System
GAFSGoods Available for Sale (retail)
GAFSGated Autofluorescence Forward Scatter (pharmacology)
GAFSGreat American Financial Services (Tacoma, WA)
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The Energy Expenditure with Physical Activities (GAF), added to the GEB and determine the GET.
O GEB e o maior componente do Gasto Energetico Total (GET) da maioria dos individuos, sendo que este ultimo e composto por o Gasto Energetico com Atividades Fisicas (GAF), somando ao gasto com os processos de digestao, absorcao e armazenamento de nutrientes dos alimentos e ao gasto energetico basal (GEB) determinam o GET de um individuo (Volp e colaboradores, 2011; Rossi, 2013).
Para atletas e individuos fisicamente ativos, o GAF pode superar o GEB, sendo assim, muito importante estimar adequadamente os requerimentos de energia ocasionados pela atividade fisica destes individuos (Volp e colaboradores, 2011; Rossi, 2013).
All 60+ CPAS user screens were reviewed in detail to determine which screens would be transitioned to GAFS, those that would be replaced by current GAFS screens, and requirements for new/revised GAFS screens.
The February 2003 IPT reviewed products and reports to determine if GAFS had a similar report that could be combined, or if a new one had to be created.
The most recent IPT held in April 2003 addressed the requirements for populating CPAS records (only Open Records) into the GAFS Database through the creation of automated addresses (CSRs, FSRs, PSRs) using data elements passed from CPAS.
The EU decision comes in the wake of a massive grassroots movement across the continent that has provoked a stampede by major supermarket chains, fast-food restaurants, food producers, and animal feed companies to abandon GAFs and GACs.
According to the Alliance, the internal documents reveal that "FDA officials repeatedly cautioned that foods produced through recombinant DNA technology entail different risks than do their conventionally produced counterparts and that this input was consistently disregarded by the bureaucrats who crafted the agency's current policy, which treats bioengineered foods the same as natural ones." The evidence shows the agency violated the US Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act in allowing the marketing of GAFs without testing.
In an attempt to get a handle on this biotech biz, Earth Island Journal has decided henceforth to refer to genetically altered foods and genetically altered crops as GAFs and GACs (pronounced "gaffes" and "gacks").
The Global Assessment of Functioning scale (GAF) is one of the most widely used measures of impairment and functioning in clinical and research settings (Basco, Krebaum, & Rush, 1997).
Axis V, the GAF, was designed to measure general functioning which should predict treatment response and assist in treatment planning.
A number of authors have expressed concern that the GAF combines symptom and impairment ratings into a single scale and that this could affect the interpretation of GAF scores (Goldman et al., 1992; Phelan et al., 1994; Skodal, Link, Shrout, & Horwath, 1988).