GAGOCGuangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee (China)
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The effective electron densities ([N.sub.el]) of GAGOC and CMO have been calculated from the following:
One of the other values that are calculated in this study of GAGOC and CMO is the mean free path (MFP) which is described in [15, 16].
Finally, the removal cross sections for fast neutrons (JR) for GAGOC and CMO materials can be calculated using the following equations:
These interaction processes can explain the dependency of total mass attenuation coefficient ([[mu].sub.m]) on the photon energy, as shown in Figure 1 for GAGOC. This figure shows that the low photon energy range (E < 0.3 MeV), intermediate photon energy range (0.3 < E < 5 MeV), and high photon energy range (E > 5 MeV) are the three photon energy ranges in interaction processes.
The half-value layer values increase when the photon energy increases up to 6 and 10 MeV for GAGOC and CMO, respectively.
In the photon energy range 1-300 keV and 1-150 keV, the MFP values are <1 for GAGOC and CMO.
Besides, the calculated [m and [Z.sub.eff] values of GAGOC and CMO scintillators were compared with the experimental values at different energies for the two scintillator materials taken from [1] and the results were shown in Table 3.
Equivalent atomic number ([Z.sub.eq]) and GP exposure (EBF) and energy absorption (EABF) buildup factor coefficients of GAGOC and CMO are listed in Tables 4 and 5.
Fang said that GAGOC has signed sponsorship agreements with 28 enterprises, including six prestige partners, two partners, five sponsors, eight exclusive suppliers and seven suppliers.
GAGOC has launched three stages of solicitation for franchised dealers (including manufacturers and merchandisers) since May 2007, receiving applications from more than 100 enterprises.
Co-organized by the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) and the Guangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee (GAGOC), the "Road of Asia" campaign has brought the Asian Games to countries and regions across the continent, said Yuan Yue, Vice Director of GAGOC's Marketing Department.
GAGOC is planning to apply for a Guinness World Record for this unprecedented book.