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GAGSGeneric Adventure Game System
GAGSGoogle Advanced Groups Search
GAGSGirls Against Girls Smoking
GAGSGuildford Area Gay Society (Guildford, Surrey, England, UK)
GAGSGraduate Association of Geography Students (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Chapel Hill, NC)
GAGSGroups Against Garbage Stations (Brooklyn, NY)
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The bullet had gone through the gag into the jaw; that is why there was a shot-hole in the scarf, but only one shot.
Offshore anglers fishing from Sarasota to Pasco won't have to spend as much time or use as much fuel getting to gag grouper that typically move in much shallower during November and December.
Concentration of GAGs in the medium was assayed using method based on their ability to bind the cationic dye 1,9-dimethylmethylene blue (DMMB).
The state explains that media gags are used as a way to avoid any impact on the judicial system's work, whereas the opposition rejects it, believing that it aims to stop public controversy or criticism on state violations or the judicial system.
The Henry Marshall gag book in the form that has survived, itself a 1960s retyping of material collected during the 1940s and 1950s, contains 166 fixed pages of closely-typed gags, sections of script and full routines, plus ten loose inserts, usually presented in basic form enabling them to be expanded as needed in the final script for a production.
EMBARRASSING: Eugene Levy (top) and Jennifer Coolidge THE GANG ARE BACK: Sex gags and more sex gags
The hydrolysis of GAGs releases oligosaccharides, which are then transferred to the non-reducing termini of other GAG chains.
Mort Walker, Jerry Dumas and two of Mort's sons hold "gag con ferences" every month.
Diversas atividades biologicas tem sido relacionadas aos GAGs, tais como antitumoral (BORSING et al., 2007), anti-inflamatoria (BRITO et al., 2008), antitrombotica (NADER et al., 2001; SOUZA et al., 2007a), anticoagulante (MANSOUR et al., 2009; WU et al., 2010), dentre outras.
Since Gags is a clip show with no dialogue, it is well suited for a country that is home to as many different languages as India is.
Forty years ago, when I worked in that show business town of Blackpool, fellow reporter Lennie Bennett produced a great scoop when he persuaded one comic to bang on the dressing room door of another on North Pier and threaten to thump him for stealing his gags. Back then, plagiarism was considered a scandal and humour was protected.