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midae is GAGT; and in general, tetranucleotides and not dinucleotides are the most abundant length motifs throughout the genome of H.
The CA and GAGT motifs are comparatively equal in the percentage of loci associated with transposable elements in H.
Name Sequence EcoRI adaptor 5'- CTCGTAGACTGCGTACC-3' 3'- AATTGGTACGCAGTC-5' Tru91 adaptor 5'-GACGATAGTCCTGAG-3' 3'-TACTCAGGACTCAT-5' Primers used in pre-amplification EcoRI+ 1-A 5'-GACTGCGTACCAATTCA-3' Tru91 + 1-C 5'-GAT GAGT CCT GAGTAAC -3' Primers used in selective amplification EcoRI+ 3-ACA 5'-GACTGCGTACCAATTC+ACA-3' EcoRI+ 3-AAG 5'-GACTGCGTACCAATTC+AAG-3' EcoRI+3-AAC 5'-GACTGCGTACCAATTC+ATA-3' EcoRI+3-ATA 5'-GACTGCGTACCAATTC+ATA-3' EcoRI+3-AAT 5'-GACTGCGTACCAATTC+AAT-3' MseI (an isochizomer of Tru91) MseI+3-CAT 5'-GATGAGTCCTGAGTAAC+CAT -3' MseI+3-CAG 5'-GAT GAGT CCT GAGTAAC+CAG-3' MseI+3-CAA 5'-GAT GAGT CCT GAGTAAC+CAA-3' Primer pair combinations (EcoRI/ MseI).
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