GAHDGreatest American Hot Dogs (Gaithersburg, MD)
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It could be noted that the RealSeal groups (GRS and GRSd) promoted better apical sealing, followed by AH Plus + laser (GAHd) and AH Plus (GAH).
In our results, the leakage index decreased in the GAHd group, showing a tendency of compatibility between a diode laser and epoxy resin-based sealer.
Some studies, for example Banker, Gahd and Gorr (1993), report from a Monte Carlo experiment that the relative precision of DEA and SFA may be context specific.
"Oh, me Gahd," she had wept, "Oh, me Gahd, dem ah send me to de dawgs--dem ah send me to de dawgs." He was but a clerk in the cold storage; sixty dollars a month--wages of an accursed silver employee.
"Truly," drawls the Duke in his single line, "this man wuz the son of Gahd."