GAHEGeorgia Association of Healthcare Executives (est. 1982)
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In many ways, this Committee is a model of what international supervision should be." (ILO, 2002, p.4) similarly, Basile Mahan Gahe, General Secretary of the "Dignite" trade union confederation, imprisoned more than 10 times in Cote d'Ivoire commented: "I really owe my life to the Committee on Freedom of Association" (ILO, 2002, p.4)
The Gahe (the Apache word for "dancer") model is his largest fighter, clocking in at 12" with 7" of that on the cutting end.
Reeditado en los anos sesenta por la editorial Gahe de Madrid, la coleccion se vendio por un corto tiempo en Mexico en los anos sesenta.
(26.) See the story "The Disabled Boys Cured by the Gahe" in Morris Edward Opler, Myths and Tales of the Chiricahua Apache Indians (Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 1942), 74, for a Chiricahua version of this story of the blind and the crippled.