GAHSGeneral Authority for Health Services (Abu Dhabi)
GAHSGreencastle-Antrim High School (Greencaste, PA)
GAHSGardiner Area High School (Maine)
GAHSGallia Academy High School
GAHSGoffstown Area High School (New Hampshire)
GAHSGalway Archaeological and Historical Society (Ireland)
GAHSGreater Atlanta High School (Atlanta, Georgia)
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The waste bags will be made available free-of-cost in 296 union council camps, zonal offices, major mosques and eid gahs.
Our prov & fed elected reps must visit Panah Gahs in their areas & share a meal with the people using them.
But since the Panah Gah opened in I-11 last month, I first try to get a charpoy there, because it's provided for free, and failing that I go to the bus stand,' he told Dawn.
The patients with mDF [greater than or equal to] 32 or GAHS score >9 were given prednisolone for 4 weeks and then tapered over next 4 weeks.
The Eid prayers were offered in Kabul and provinces in all major mosques and Eid Gahs in a peaceful environment.
Le jury de ce festival est preside par le journaliste Mohamed El Gahs, et compose de la comedienne marocaine Fatima Khair, Bibiana Vila Gimenez, Cineaste (Espagne), Cringuta Pinzaru, Directrice de photo (Roumanie), Oumar Sall, Producteur (Senegal), Gerard Vaugeois, Critique de Cinema (France), et du realisateur marocain Nassim Abbasi.
Plusieurs distinctions, a savoir le [beaucoup moins que]Grand prix du festival[beaucoup plus grand que], le [beaucoup moins que]Prix special du jury[beaucoup plus grand que], le [beaucoup moins que]Prix de la realisation[beaucoup plus grand que], le [beaucoup moins que]Prix du scenario[beaucoup plus grand que], le [beaucoup moins que]Prix de la meilleure interpretation feminine[beaucoup plus grand que] et le [beaucoup moins que]Prix de la meilleure interpretation masculine[beaucoup plus grand que] seront attribuees a la cloture de la competition officielle par le jury preside cette annee par le journaliste et homme de culture marocain, Mohamed El Gahs, a precise le Centre cinematographique marocain (CCM) dans un communique.
The results from these tests are then interpreted and discussed in Section 4.Theseobservationsthenleadustodevelop a novel hybrid algorithm called generalised adaptive harmony search (GAHS) that we introduce in Section 5.
Day has followed day and our daughter remains calm and happy - complete with goos and gahs, little gurgles and smiles.
(9) The Grossmans' cookbooks, mixing pride with mockery, feature the 82 year-old "Grandma" Slipakoff, "the sensation of Bensonhurst," a character whose recipes ("Foh Nee Shrimp Puffs," "Matzo Brei Foo Yong," and "Spinach Mish Ah Gahs") and Yiddish inflected sentence structures ("a little oil you should put in the frying pan;" "you're using maybe chopsticks?") makes kashrut the butt of a joke illustrating chat American Jews are open to cultural novelty and are capable of mocking their own cultural and culinary parochialism.
Hintze (29-43) eine Studie zur Kompositionsstruktur der funf Gahs vor, jener Texte, die wahrend der funf Abschnitte eines Tages zu Beginn jedes Rituals zu rezitieren sind.
To judge from the soap operas on national television, every Cairene knows g > g or d and q or > g in Sa idi dialect; gaww "Wetter" or giwwiz "verheiraten," iggawwaz "heiraten," dahs "Esel," girba "Wassersack, Butterschlauch," garmut "ein Nilfish: Clarias anguillaris" for gaww, gawwiz, iggawwiz, gahs, irba, and armut are thus not surprising.