GAIBGruppo Avvistamento Incendi Boschivi (Italian: Group Avvistamento Forest fires)
GAIBGround Accident Investigation Board (US DoD)
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Talking about the Haji Gaib carpet of Azerbaijan's Guba district dating back to the 19th century, Malikova noted that Italian collector Mirco Cattai donated it to the Azerbaijan Carpet Museum.
This can be explained on the level of the realist narrative by remembering that Larung, who is taking (or not taking) anti-delusional medicine (Larung:16, 48), may have hallucinated some of these stories, while Wis's encounters with the gaib occur when he is in stressed, semiconscious, or perhaps delusional states.
The Siang are the descendants of Poking Asu, the first human, who was mothered by the Sangiyang being, Sikan, who descended to this world via a palankabulo connected to Puruk Kambang, and fathered by the gaib, Lanying Siding.
He said Multan Development Authority was authorized to take action against illegal properties in controlled areas surrounded with the Bosan road, LMQ road, Sourthern and Northern by-passes, Vehari road, Peeran Gaib and Sher roads.
in collaboration with the Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce (GTO) and the Federation of South Anatolian Exporters (GAIB).
Kelelungan tidak dikubur bersama tulang dari bagian tubuh lainnya, melainkan disimpan oleh anak cucunya karena dianggap mempunyai kekuatan gaib dan membawa keberuntungan."
Upon checking the police recovered 1000 detonators, 1200 meter fuse wire from concealed cavities of car while also nabbed two accused Muhammad Aslam Sakna hailing from Pindi Gaib and Abdul Razzaq sakna belonged to Balakot red handed.
According to the Union of Exporters from South-east Anatolia (GAIB), Gaziantep and regional provinces made exports worth 5.1 billion USD in 2010.
Dydy hi ddim yn ddiwrnod hawdd i Dafs wrth i'w fam droi i fyny yn yr ysgol yn feddw gaib. Ac i wneud pethau'n waeth, mae hi'n tynnu ei dillad ac yn mynnu gweld ei mab.
Ar ben hyn oll, roedd y capten a'r ail swyddog yn feddw gaib yn eu caban.