GAICGreat American Insurance Company
GAICGrowth Areas Infrastructure Contribution (Australia)
GAICGerman American Internee Coalition (New London, New Hampshire)
GAICGeneralized Akaike Information Criterion
GAICGuizhou Aviation Industry Corporation (China)
GAICGallium Arsenide Integrated Circuit
GAICGulf Asia International Company
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None of the National Interstate directors who are current or former executive officers of GAIC or AFG will participate in the consideration of the AFG proposal by National Interstate, the special committee or the special committee's advisors.
This acquisition marks another historic milestone for GAIC, following the company's completion of the first-ever aircraft disassembly and parts redistribution program in China in 2013.
Before introducing GAIC and GMDL, we first make some transformations with Eq.
The GAIC was set up in February to provide a measure of regulatory control over the practice.
Comparison of LMS, LMST, and LMSP methods in modeling age-related height and weights for each gender in 6-17 years old children Method Distribution parameters df[micro] df[sigma] df[upsilon] df[tau] [LAMBDA] Height (cm) Boys LMS 6 4 2 - 1.90 LMST 6 3 1 1 2.00 LMSP 6 4 2 2 1.95 Girls LMS 4 3 1 - 1.70 LMST 4 3 1 1 1.40 LMSP 4 3 1 1 1.70 Weight (kg) Boys LMS 4 2 1 - 1.75 LMST 3 2 1 1 1.60 LMSP 4 2 1 1 1.45 Girls LMS 4 2 2 - 1.40 LMST 4 3 1 1 1.65 LMSP 4 2 3 3 1.25 Method GAIC (3) (*) Height (cm) Boys LMS 12645.84 LMST 12648.90 LMSP 12647.31 Girls LMS 15287.39 LMST 15291.55 LMSP 15292.94 Weight (kg) Boys LMS 13159.54 LMST 13169.88 LMSP 13161.40 Girls LMS 16076.60 LMST 16085.19 LMSP 16074.92 (*) Optimal model criteria with minimum GAIC are indicated as bold.
GAIC has entered into a voting agreement with Alan Spachman under which Spachman has agreed to vote his beneficially owned shares, totaling approximately 10% of the outstanding National Interstate common shares (and representing approximately 20% of the shares not owned by GAIC), in favor of the transaction.
The CPI, which employs 60 people at Netpark, hopes to double that figure with the launch of its Graphene Applications Innovation Centre (GAIC) and Formulations Innovation Centre (FIC) - both due to open by 2016.
The 28th General Arab Insurance Conference (GAIC), to be held under the patronage of HM King Abdullah II, will focus on establishing consortiums between Arab insurance companies to overcome risks caused by the bankruptcy of several international reinsurance firms in the aftermath of the economic crisis, Imad Abdul Khaleq, head of the conference executive committee, said
Guangzhou Automotive Industry Corporation (GAIC), a China-based automaker, is planning to acquire Volvo Car Corporation (Volvo ), a subsidiary of Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F), according to the South China Morning Post.
The company has raised its offer price USD 2.00 per share since its initial proposal, which represents aggregate additional consideration of approximately USD 20m that will be paid to National Interstate shareholders other than GAIC.
Last month, AFG said that its wholly-owned unit Great American Insurance Co (GAIC) had launched a cash tender bid to acquire the minority interest in National Interstate it did not already have at a price of USD28.00 apiece.