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GAIDAGuided Approach to Instructional Design Advising (paper)
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a ajoute Gaida, plaidant pour l'implication des experts comptables dans l'elaboration des textes et reglementations regissant la fiscalite.
Gaida, Liberal'naia oppozitsiia na putakh k vlasti (1914--vesna 1917 g.
Lo 'ud dal mondo arabo, il saz dalla Turchia, il bouzouki dalla Grecia, il mandolino dall'Italia, la gaida originaria delle regioni balcaniche ma anche strumenti non mediterranei, come lo shannaj indiano o lo zarb iraniano.
Orchestra performers Petur Aleksiev on gaida (bagpipe), Angel Dobrev on gudulka (pear-shaped bowed instrument with resonating understrings) and Konstantin Marinov on tupan (double-headed drum) will present songs from the mountains where Orpheus, the Greek god of music, was born, as well as other mountain region selections.
Created by Bahiya Kanoun, president of Al Mubadara Libya Assalam, and by Maria Nicoletta Gaida, president of the Ara Pacis Initiative, the Al Mubadara Libya action plan aims to reach and involve all Libyan peoples in a nation-wide, collective effort of storytelling, listening and sharing.
Chris Gaida, 38, is the envy of men the world over, paid to attend the glitziest showbiz events alongside Hollywood's most glamorous women.
According to the New York Post, Christopher Gaida, 38, started escorting A-listers to award shows and benefits when he was 24 and temping for MTV, the Huffington Post reported.
Televizija puoseleja intymiaja gaida, namu kino, namu teatro, pasaulio tavo namuose, taciau drauge--keliavimo erdve ir laiku idejas.
When Yuri was eight, he joined a bitov ensemble being organized at the local zaariya (cultural center) by Mitko Angelov Bitov music was removed from the typical music of Thrace, where it was rare to see instruments such as gadulka (lap fiddle), gaida (bagpipe), tambura (lute), and kaval(end-blown flute).
Syrian singer Gaida, who studied science as well as music in the U.
Flamboura's lineup for the performance during the Sofia Fusion Rally consists of Veli Chaushev on guitar and tambura, Velichka Chausheva, vocals and piano, Apostol Georgiev on clarinet and gaida and Genadii Rashkov on percussion.