GAIIGlutaric Aciduria Type II
GAIIGrupo Alpino de Ingenieros Industriales (Spanish: Alpine Group of Industrial Engineers)
GAIIGlutaric Acidaemia Type II
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Captured sequence libraries were analyzed with both the GS-FLX and the GAII, and a subset of targeted exons was sequenced by the Sanger method to validate the NGS-identified variants.
Because of the short read length generated by the GAII (36-base read protocol), each library was digested with BamHI, which removed all but 7 bases of the adapter sequences.
Some of the international classics to be screened in this section include Valeria Gaii Guermanika's 'Everybody Dies But Me', Ken Loach's 'Kes', Jerzy Skolimowski's 'Walkover' amongst others.
kaumna kateba jahi gaii katal, bakari muragi kini phuramai jeta dlsaim atma ghatl, itana kljama torai chati (8.3; Callewaert and Sharma 2000: 77) What Holy Book orders cows to be killed?
Gaius (1904) Gaii Institutiones or Institutes of Roman Law by Gaius, with a Translation and Commentary by the late Edward Poste, M.A., Clarendon Press, Oxford, Fourth edition.
THIRD PLACE (TIE) Brand: Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey Company: Brown-Forman Marketing Director: GaiI Koach Brand Manager: Mark Grindstaff Agency: Slingshot Creative Director: Dan Grimsley Copywriter: Jimmy Flores Development Supervisor: Bret Crosby Flash Developer: Cord Mitchell
(34) Delehaye explains this as originating with another Gaius, himself wrongly duplicated here from 1 January where there is an entry for Gaius at Bononia, in Moesia Superior; but more probably Romae and Depositio have crept forward from the next day, 2 July (in fact the laterculi for 1 and 2 July contain much material in common); and there are enough Gaii around on 30 June, 1 and 2 July without any need to cite 1 January.
9 (1667g) did he include two mixed groups of dances clearly identified as suites by the label 'brandi alla francese per ballare' (each brando consists of sections marked 'Allegro e presto', 'Gaii', 'Amener' and 'Gavotta'):
The amplified viral nucleic acid libraries of the bat species were then sequenced with the Illumina/Solexa GAII sequencer (Illumina, San Diego, CA, USA).
This kit can be used to prepare genomic DNA libraries for sequencing using Illumina[R]/Solexa[R] GAII and HiSeq 2000/1000 platforms.
The text on page 1302 originally read "If we assume all variants detected by Sanger sequencing are true events, the GS-FLX had a 65% sensitivity and a 50% positive predictive value, and the GAII had a 67% sensitivity and a 62% positive predictive value." It should read "If we assume all variants detected by Sanger sequencing are true events, the GS-FLX had a 90% sensitivity and a 78% positive predictive value, and the GAII had a 93% sensitivity and 100% positive predictive value." The authors regret the error.
Austin, TX, October 06, 2010 --( Bioo Scientific has expanded its line of kits for next generation sequencing sample preparation with the introduction of the AIR[TM] Genomic and AIR[TM] Paired-End DNA Sequencing Kits designed for use with the llumina GAII and HiSeq 2000 sequencers.