GAIMGnome Aol Instant Messenger
GAIMGlobal Analysis Integration and Modeling
GAIMGtk Aol Instant Messenger
GAIMGas-Assisted Injection Molding (engineering)
GAIMGlobal Analysis, Interpretation and Modeling (International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme)
GAIMGlobal Analysis, Integration and Modeling
GAIM[not an acronym] (formerly Gtk AIM (AOL (America Online) Instant Messenger); now Pidgin)
GAIMGNU AIM (AOL (America Online) Instant Messenger)
GAIMGlobal Assimilation Ionosphere Model (Solar Dynamics Observatory)
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Different from that of the GAIM parts, the boundary between the skin zone and the inner zone is very vague and the bright strip locating in the GAIM parts disappears here.
There are an increased number of variables to be considered during GAIM compared to conventional injection molding, since melt and gas injections are sequential and their effects are interrelated.
To address these limitations, 3D simulations of GAIM have been developed, e.g [2, 3].
(32.) Gaim Kibreab, "Eritrean and Ethiopian Urban Refugees in Khartoum: What the Eye Refuses to See" (1996) 39 African Studies Review 131 at 138-139.
The first interface contacts the solid wall at the edge of the tube entrance and for that reason the resulting contact line is taken to be stationary according to GAIM experiments and experiments of wave motion in a vessel, first reported by Benjamin and Scott [2], whereas the second one forms with the wall a moving contact line.
As for conventional injection molding, the availability of simulation software is important for GAIM. Numerical models based on the so-called 2.5D approach, widely used for conventional mold filling analysis, have been extended to model GAIM [1-5].
The mechanism of primary gas penetration during GAIM is similar to that of the displacement of a more viscous fluid in a tube by a less viscous fluid (5).
(57) Gaim Kibreab, "When Refugees Come Home: The Relationship between Stayees and Returnees in Post-Conflict Eritrea," Journal of Contemporary African Studies 20, no.
Compared with GAIM or WAIM, thinner and more uniform wall thicknesses with smoother surfaces can be achieved [16].
Ugochukwu added that the bank had given a total of N34 million to over 62 customers under the GAIM season three initiative.
The broad applicability of the GAIM technology enables the company to target multiple protein misfolding diseases, including neurodegenerative diseases and orphan systemic amyloidoses.
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